Funday Friday – Behind The Scenes with Chalkboard Artist Kate Turner

ASW Chalk 4

This week we got the chance to catch up with Kate Turner of Kate Turner Studio to chat about the beautiful chalkboard signage she creates for the Novare Events venue, The Stave Room at American Spirit Works. Enjoy this ‘catch up’ with Kate as she graciously takes us behind the scenes into her colorful world!

Kate, we know you create much of the chalkboard signage for events at The Stave Room at American Spirit Works. Tell us about your company and what you do exactly.

I am a one-woman show and I help bring a creative twist to event décor. I tailor a design for the large 18 foot by 5 foot chalkboard above the the Stave Room Crow bar, in order to enhance the overall look and feel of each individual event. I like to make sure the chalkboard is utilized in a way that has a balance of form and function for the guests, whether it be a bar menu, sponsor list or celebrating the union of two people.

No matter a social or corporate event, we love that each and every design is custom to The Stave Room’s client. Out of curiosity, what’s in your toolbox to do this?

In my toolbox are good old fashioned Crayola chalk, a pencil sharpener and my Pandora One app for music 🙂

While this sounds like the best job in the world we’re sure there’s something challenging about it. What would that be?

Perfectionism would be my biggest challenge. I find myself learning and growing with each new chalkboard that I draw – however, sometimes knowledge sprouts from mistakes.

Where do you find your artistic inspiration for the designs you create?

Right now I am really inspired by vintage monograms, wedding invitations and letterpress. Pinterest is an amazing resource that has brought me so much inspiration as an artist. It seems to be an invaluable resource these days. Almost a living breathing animal that people all-over the world contribute imagery and information to.

ASW Chalk 2

Is chalk your favorite medium tow work in? Or do you have other interests? 

Although chalk has become very near and dear to my heart, I am a printmaker and painter at heart. My favorite mediums include woodcut and lithographic printmaking as well as oil painting. I truly enjoy all creative outlets to be honest. I am constantly creating and planning creative challenges for myself.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received and something you’d offer to a young artist/designer?

My fifth grade teacher, Sue Buffum, instilled in all of her students a phrase that has stuck with me and never wavered: “Always go above and beyond the call of duty, no matter what.” In a nutshell, meeting the minimum standard is never an option. Always go out of your way to do your best at any endeavor you strive to conquer in your life. I would give that advice to anyone trying to follow a dream or meet a goal, especially as an artist. Always go above and beyond. And never doubt yourself!

We’re claiming today as ‘Funday Friday’ at Novare Events and want to know…if you made a mix-tape of music that is inspiring you at the moment, what would it include?

I have insane taste in music, I am literally all over the place. I’d definitely have to include Earth Wind and Fire‘s “September” because that’s my happy song! I’d also include anything by Tycho, Chvrches, some early Blink 182 and sprinkle in a little early 2000’s pop and hip hop for good measure.

Kate, we love that! Let’s kick off the end of this week then with a little Earth, Wind and Fire…Happy Friday everyone!