Celebrating Culinary Experts & Staffing On Culinarians Day, July 25th

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With access to some of the most outstanding food we often take great catering and food service for granted. What about the people who make all those recipes? Whether it’s food bought in-store, in a restaurant, or served through a catering service, someone skilled is always behind what we automatically consume. While culinary chefs often receive recognition for their dishes in top-tier restaurants, not all culinary professionals receive the acknowledgement they deserve. That’s where Culinarians Day on July 25th comes into play – a holiday that aims to place attention on those in the culinary arts, letting them know that they are appreciated!

How Widespread is Culinarians Day?
This holiday takes place around the world annually, even though there isn’t any data available on who started it. Regardless, it’s a celebrated ‘unofficial’ holiday here in the United States. We have so many great culinary artists in the U.S. working in careers that are often overlooked. Many of these people work in the catering industry, a career niche that most often has its chefs working away from the public eye.

Ways to Celebrate Culinarians Day
Whether you eat in a restaurant or cater a party, be sure that you take time out to personally thank the chef and the culinary team who made your food. You can do this by simply thanking them in person or send a note of appreciation. Perhaps you already know the chef in question, (or maybe it’s a family member). If so, let them know you love what they make for you. No one skilled in cooking should be ignored. Without them, eating would become less artful for most of – if not reducing us back to childhood cooking basics.

Thanking Your Caterer at a Big Event
It can be more challenging to thank chefs and servers when eating catered food at a large gathering. However, it’s not difficult to find out who the chef is (or culinary team) and make an effort to thank them any day of the year…but especially on July 25th. Despite Culinarians Day being just one day per year be sure to maintain your appreciation year-round for all culinary professionals. They work hard every day to please our taste buds, whether it’s for a large social party, or in a small corporate gathering at a Novare Events venue.

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