Chalkboard Art is Trending For Events – And For A Good Reason!

Chalkboard signage and decor is having a moment, adorning everything from coffee shops to weddings. Designers are creating beautiful works of chalk art on event signage, menus, and mirrors – and we can’t get enough!

Chalk design is a gorgeous way to impress event attendees. What could be more dramatic than a custom piece of art? It invites whimsy, taking us back to the days before digital fonts existed and gorgeous handwritten calligraphy reigned.

Perhaps the most stunning thing about this growing trend is that it works in just about every setting and with every decor theme. It can be used to complement a wide range of event styles, including industrial, rustic, modern – even the roaring ’20’s.

To demonstrate the versatility of chalkboard design, we incorporated a large chalkboard into our venue in the Sweetwater Design District, The Stave Room at American Spirit Works. This modern eclectic space boasts a refined yet rustic interior with warm urban charm. The chalkboard, featured behind a large bar in the separate cocktail space, can be transformed into a work of art that fits with any event.

Kate Turner Studio, a local designer, has created masterpieces for several Stave Room affairs. She’s worked with clients hosting a variety of events – company parties, weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs – to create gorgeous pieces of chalkboard art that really add a wow factor. We love the looks she’s created with our guests and are so excited about the personal touch this design element adds to the space at the Stave Room.

Whether you’re looking for the drama of a custom menu or just want a creative sign to complement your decor, chalkboard art is definitely a trend you should consider.