The Top Ten Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

The Bride has chosen carefully the venue of the her dreams. It is beautiful and is a form of self-expression just right for the soon-to-be couple. The next task is to choose her wedding photographer – one that can perfectly portray the beauty and self-expression of the special day flawlessly. Photographers have different shooting styles, and brides have different preferences. To choose a photographer that will capture your day in a way that you’ve always dreamed, here are the ten top questions to ask.

Photo Credit: @soulseeker

Wedding photography falls into four basic categories. These styles are important to know when “shopping” for your photo vendor:

Classic, Traditional These photographers focus on “posed” photographs. They focus on the elements that the couple has requested in advance. They adjust the equipment, background, subject’s body stance, and wedding attire.

Documentary or photo journalistic style: Rather than posed photography, this type of photographer specialize instead in capturing events as they unfold in real time. This style is for the bride who prefers candid photos as opposed to posed wedding photos.

Illustrative Photography: This style of photography combines the above two styles to capture spontaneity as well as posed photographs.

Portraiture: These photographers focus on “portrait style” shots of the bride and groom as well as portraits of family members.

Knowing these styles will empower you in making sure that you choose what best fits your needs. Here are the questions to ask when selecting a photographer:

  1. What is the photographer’s style? Making sure that they’re experienced in the style you desire.
  2. Does the photographer have a portfolio demonstrating their particular style? Portfolios should always be available for you to view.
  3. Does the photographer shoot in black and white and also color photos? If so, make sure you’re on the same page regarding roughly the number of each.
  4. What is included in the package, prints, albums, and proofs, as well as extra coverage such as engagement shoots? Be sure to check into the required deposits. You may consider options to have photos end after events rather than have the photographer stay until the last dance (which may result in hefty overtime charges).
  5. Have you ever worked at this venue before? You’ll want to know if your photographer is familiar with the venue you’ve chosen, or at the very least requests an opportunity to scout out the venue prior to that important day.
  6. What steps does the photographer take in case of a personal emergency? Do they have backup photographers available?
  7. How many weddings will the photographer be working on the same weekend? How many photographers will he/she have onsite during your wedding?
  8. Are there any restrictions for sharing your wedding photos on social media? You should make sure that there are no legal issues preventing you from posting about your happy day. In the same vein: will the photographer be posting any of your photos on social media? You should have the right to opt in or out of having personal photos of your special day shared publicly by the hired vendor.
  9. For some insight, ask the photographer this question, and you may learn information as to the compatibility: What is your favorite scene when shooting weddings?
  10. Do you offer a photo booth? If so, details to gather would be blocks of time the photo booth will be available to guests and the cost. Also, inquire as to fees should additional time be desired for the use of the photo booth.

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